Declan Croucher

Chief Commercial Officer, Verité Leads Verité's work on ethical recruitment and the devt. of approaches and tools to effectively implement Employer Pays, No Fees to Workers recruitment in global supply chains. This includes Verité’s patented CUMULUS Forced Labor Screen™ due diligence platform and the Recruitment Cost Calculator.

Declan's Session broadcasts 25 June 2024, 12:30 PM

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About this speaker

Declan Croucher is Chief Commercial Officer at Verité, a U.S.-based, international, not-for-profit consulting, training, and research organization that has been a leader in supply chain social responsibility since 1995.

Much of his work is focused on helping companies detect, remedy, and prevent forced labor in their global supply chains. He leads Verité’s work on ethical recruitment and engagements with global companies in diverse sectors including consumer electronics, apparel, healthcare, food and beverages, construction, and government contracting.

A frequent author and speaker on ethical recruitment and forced labor due diligence in supply chains, he has also developed and delivered training for stakeholders, including regulators, on the effective implementation of employer pays recruitment.

Declan’s background prior to Verité is in global human resources and business management with multinational manufacturers in the consumer electronics, building products and renewable energy sectors.

He holds undergraduate degrees in business and law, and a master’s degree in strategic human resources management.

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Implementing and Verifying Employer Pays Ethical Recruitment: Approaches and Tools

25 June 2024, 12:30 PM
Declan Croucher