Goretti Calvo

Director, Human Resources, Safety, & Training, AgSocio

Goretti's Session broadcasts 26 June 2024, 03:30 PM

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About this speaker

Goretti Calvo brings over 25 years of expertise in human resources, loss prevention, and agricultural labor law compliance to the team. With a strong commitment to ethical employment practices, Goretti has ensured full compliance and best practices across all operations she has been involved with.

Before joining AgSocio, Goretti played a pivotal role in developing and managing large labor businesses in the Salinas Valley and served as a respected consultant on agricultural labor issues in California and Arizona. Her decision to join AgSocio was driven by the opportunity to establish an exemplary agricultural employment program from the ground up.

In the past five years with AgSocio, Goretti has successfully implemented and upheld the company’s high standards in their H-2A program, reinforcing her dedication to creating a fair and compliant workplace.

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