Marilyn Croser

Senior Researcher, FairSquare Senior Researcher at FairSquare, Expert in Access to Justice, Supply Chain Conditions, and Corporate Accountability, Former Director of Corporate Justice Coalition

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Marilyn is Senior Researcher at FairSquare. She has conducted research into access to justice, conditions in company supply chains, corporate compliance with legal requirements and standards relating to transparency and human rights due diligence, and the experiences of migrant workers in the Gulf, Southeast Asia and Europe. She is a former Director of the Corporate Justice Coalition, the UK civil society coalition on corporate accountability, where she led advocacy to secure the supply chain reporting requirement in the UK Modern Slavery Act.

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The Responsible Recruitment of Women Migrant Workers

25 June 2024, 04:00 PM
Agnieszka Raczynska Mary Ann Abunda Sarah McGregor Marilyn Croser