Rachel Munns

Head of Sustainability, World Wise Foods Rachel is Head of Sustainability at World Wise Foods and co-lead of the Food Network for Ethical Trade’s responsible recruitment working group. With a wealth of experience, she brings practical examples of embedding responsible recruitment principles in global supply chains.

Rachel's Session broadcasts 25 June 2024, 10:00 AM

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About this speaker

Rachel is Head of Sustainability at World Wise Foods, a supplier of ambient grocery product to leading retailers and food service providers across Europe and North America. In this role, Rachel oversees the development and delivery of key Human Rights initiatives across Asia including embedding responsible recruitment principles, promoting gender equality, and amplifying worker voice. World Wise Foods have a strong commitment to promoting Human Rights and continue to be acknowledged for their proactivity ‘on the ground’ in Asia.

Recognising the importance of collaborative action, Rachel also co-leads the Food Network for Ethical Trade’s responsible recruitment working group. This is a safe and collaborative space for food companies across the supply chain to share and learn from each other as they collectively seek to embed responsible recruitment principles in their operations and supply chains.

Prior to World Wise Foods, Rachel was based in Hong Kong and responsible for Tesco’s Group approach to responsible recruitment, including operationalising the ‘Employer Pays Principle’. She led several initiatives to tackle this risk in high-risk supply chains, including a review of migrant worker welfare in Tesco’s own-operations, large-scale repayment of recruitment fees and the launch of responsible recruitment requirements in Thailand and Malaysia.

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Perspectives from Asia: Ten Years of Work on Responsible Recruitment, What Have We Learnt and What Do We Need to Change?

25 June 2024, 10:00 AM
Sumitha Shaanthinni Kishna Rishi Sher Singh Rachel Munns Aarti Kapoor