Thi Thi Thein

Senior Consultant (Myanmar-Based), Institute for Human Rights and Business Thi Thi is a Myanmar-based senior consultant with IHRB. She focuses on labour rights and labour migration. Recently, she provided support for the IHRB/MCRB webinar on "Myanmar Migrant Workers in Thailand: What Companies Need to Know".

Thi Thi's Session broadcasts 26 June 2024, 01:30 PM

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About this speaker

Thi Thi has more than 25 years of experience in both the profit and non-profit sectors in Myanmar. This includes 11 years of business and human rights research and training, advocacy, stakeholder engagement, and project and team management. She currently serves as a Myanmar-based senior consultant with IHRB, where she works closely with the MCRB Director to promote due diligence and responsible business practices. Her work involves engaging with and providing guidance to businesses, civil society organizations, development partners, international organizations, and other networks. Thi Thi's main areas of focus are decent work and labour rights in the apparel sector, diversity inclusion in the workplace, and safe labour migration.

She has also been involved in supporting initiatives such as the recent IHRB/MCRB webinar on "Myanmar Migrant Workers in Thailand - What Companies Need to Know," and the "Training of Trainers on Pre-departure and Safe Migration" for Myanmar labour rights organizations organized by the ILO TRIANGLE in ASEAN Programme. Additionally, Thi Thi actively participated in the 2023 Issara Global Forum on Partnership & Innovation in Human Rights & Ethical Supply Chains in Thailand.

Before her current role, Thi Thi served as the Deputy Director of MCRB from 2020 to 2023, as well as the Sector-Wide Impact Assessment (SWIA) Manager from 2013 to 2015.

Thi Thi's professional background includes diverse roles such as being a Senior Consultant and Lead Trainer for UNDP's B+HR Asia Program, an Adjunct Professor at the Myanmar Leadership Institute, a National Consultant for the International Organization for Migration (IOM), and experience in the airline industry with Air Mandalay Ltd and Air France-KLM for 14 years.

She holds a Masters in Social Work from Fordham University, Graduate School of Social Service, and a Masters of Public Administration from the Yangon Institute of Economics. Thi Thi is also a Fulbright Alumna.

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