Thi Thi Thein Tamara Juburi Bonny Ling

Responsible Recruitment: Understanding and Managing Regional Complexities

A Session by Tamara Juburi , Bonny Ling and Thi Thi Thein

About this Session

Global supply chains span geographic boundaries. Understanding where risk might lie for business operations is an important part of company due diligence. Effective risk assessment must include both wider geo-political analysis and clear understanding of the impacts on the ground for workforces including migrant workers. This session examines how company operations may be impacted in different locations and the need by companies for enhanced due diligence to prevent risk to business and workforces.

26 June 2024, 01:30 PM

Day 2 PM

01:30 PM - 02:30 PM

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About The Speakers

Tamara Juburi

Tamara Juburi

Programme Manager, Gulf Sustain

Bonny Ling

Bonny Ling

Executive Director, Work Better Innovations (Taiwan)

Executive Director of Work Better Innovations, Senior Non-Resident Fellow at University of Nottingham Taiwan Research Hub, Research Fellow at Institute for Human Rights and Business, Global Taiwan Institute Scholar, and Co-Founder of Taiwan Project for Business and Human Rights

Thi Thi Thein

Thi Thi Thein

Senior Consultant (Myanmar-Based), Institute for Human Rights and Business

Thi Thi is a Myanmar-based senior consultant with IHRB. She focuses on labour rights and labour migration. Recently, she provided support for the IHRB/MCRB webinar on "Myanmar Migrant Workers in Thailand: What Companies Need to Know".


Neill Wilkins

Neill Wilkins

Head of Migrant Workers Programme, Institute for Human Rights and Business

IHRB lead on migrant workers and responsible recruitment programme.